Want to Be Inspired? Start with Why

ManthrowingpaperXSmallIf you are looking for a little inspiration, a different way to look at things, and perhaps a fresh beginning that will lead to a new path in your search for fulfillment, I have a book recommendation for you: It’s called Start With Why.

The man behind the message, Simon Sinek, is simply put, brilliant.  He is an innovative thought leader, who also does a great job delivering his message.  Don’t let his resemblance to Johnny Galecki, best known as Leonard in The Big Bang Theory fool you.  Sinek uses humor to enhance his delivery, but his message is hard core serious stuff.  He is in full command of his subject, and delivers with great confidence an inspiring message to his audience.  Most importantly, Sinek embraces the very concept of authenticity that he preaches.

The video below was a Ted Talk delivered by Sinek . Enjoy it!


Learn more about Simon Sinek and his thought provoking ideas on his blog.


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