It’s All About Emotions

GoalachievedXSmallWhat motivates people to be top performers?  What drives top athletes to dedicate their lives to the endless training required to be on the top of their game?  What compels the most successful people in the world to keep on working, despite all they have already achieved?

If you are looking for a rational, analytical, left-brain type of answer, you will not find it.  Achievement is all about an emotional connection.  It’s a function of the right brain.

When you are able to establish an emotional connection with others, magical things happen.  In a world of globally interconnected social networks those emotional connections can scale to amazing magnitudes.  Or it can stay private and more intimate, depending on your preferences.  As long as the connections are meaningful, and the interactions can draw on powerful emotions, you have an amazingly powerful tool in your hands.

Imagine if you can use this powerful tool to have a positive impact in people’s lives, helping them to be successful and to achieve their dreams…  that is exactly what our mission at Brainyus is all about.

Watch below a section of Charlie Rose’s interview of Jonah Peretti, founder of BuzzFeed and co-founder of the Huffington Post.  Peretti eloquently describes the powerful mix of emotions and social networks.  You can watch the entire interview in Charlie Rose’s website.



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